Transparent and safe

I want to be able to see you when we talk

The transparent facemask that brings personal expressions back into our communication – enhancing our everyday interactions by allowing us to see each other’s faces again for extra-personal communication.

In a world where face masks cover our fascial expressions, the quality and sincerity of our communication is lost. Affecting everyone from our schoolteachers, physiotherapist, and our nail stylists, to those suffering from hearing loss or deafness - the ability to read another's lips, fascials and expressions is crucial. The See True transparant face mask brings together protection, visibility and style for an extra-personal communication. In short - it's about time we were able to see each other's faces again.
See True - The transparent facemaskFFP2 filters (five-layer) 100 piecesFFP2 filters (five-layer) 50 piecesCleaning spray & cloth

See True

The transparent face mask

Choose for safety. Choose for visibilty.

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