About See True

The transparent face mask that brings personal expressions back into our communication - enhancing our everyday interactions by allowing us to see each other's faces again for extra-personal communication.

In a world where facemasks cover our facial expressions, the quality and sincerity of our communication is lost.

Affecting everyone from our schoolteachers, physiotherapists, and nail stylists, to those suffering from hearing loss or deafness - the ability to read another's lips, faces, and expressions is crucial. The See True transparent facemask brings together protection, visibility and style for an extra-personal communication.

In short:
It's about time we were able to see each other's faces again.

True Protection

Durable and Sustainable

The mask is made out of impact-resistant, see-throug polycarbonate plastic. This guarantees a very long life, and offers extra protection due to the light seal and durable materials.

True comfort

Soft facial seal

The facial seal, made from a very durable and soft material, makes wearing mask both comfortable and skin-friendly.

True safety

FFP2 Filters

The mask comes with a certified, 5-layer FFP2 filter. Together with the durable protection layer, you'll be fully protected from viruses and bacteria.

True Visibility


The mask uses a durable protection layer to prevent condensation from forming inside the mask. The mask also seals tightly around the face which means no more steamed up glasses.

Truly clean

Easy to clean

Thanks to the durable protection layer, you can easily clean your mask with our environment friendly spray - no need to clean with alcohol, antibacterial wipes or detergents.


Truly Transparent

Visible expressions

DWith the transparancy of the mask it is once again possible to go to work, shopping or visiting your grandparents and see each other's full facial expression again.

True Convenience

Easy to open and close

The soft, elastic strap has an easy-to-use fastening, making it easy and comfortable to take on and off.

Recyclable and Sustainable

No more disposable masks

TSee True is 100% recyclable, sustainable and evironmentally friendly, meaning no more harmful single-use disposable masks.